We believe what we put in and on our bodies is a personal choice.

Our human rights are being violated on a global scale. If we join together, we can put a stop to this illogical tyranny.

we don't believe in masks

What is an Anti-Masker?

Our rights are being stripped away from us. Medical freedom is all but gone, and it's been horrifying to see how easy it was for the government to lock us in our homes, shut down businesses, and give away "free" money faster than they can print it.

Social media, You Tube, Google, and Facebook are being censored. This is a place to get information, share ideas, and connect with other like-minded members of your community.

What We Believe as Anti-Maskers

Everyone is Welcome 

We are political party agnostic. We don't care if you are a Republican, a Democrat, or a lizard. We all want the same thing: freedom!

Our Rights are at Risk

Today, it's masks. What new mandate waits for us tomorrow? We do not need to cover our face to make someone else feel comfortable.

We are ALL Essential

The government does not decide which jobs and businesses are essential. We all have a right to earn a living.

What We're Doing

Our goal is to compile information and resources about how our rights are being infringed upon. Whether you want more information about what's happening in the world, you need to win an argument, or you want ammo for a class action lawsuit (yep, they're coming!), start here.


People who don't follow the mainstream media narrative are being "canceled," and the government is supporting it. We are being censored, isolated, bullied, and attacked on all sides.

We've built a social network where we can all connect and communicate.

Click here to learn more and join.


Anyone who discusses COVID-19 in a way that is not consistent with the WHO and CDC narrative is automatically censored. We share data from top scientists, researchers, and frontline medical personnel. The mainstream media isn't reporting on this, and it's important.


Without a doubt our constitutional rights have been violated. Some argue that we have a "responsibility" to immuno-compromised citizens when we are faced with a pandemic. However, this is not a clause in the Constitution. We need to fight back.


In tragedy, we can find comedy. We'll share the best memes, funny stories, and tips on how to survive this human rights tragedy with grace and a bit of laughter.


When Wal-Mart is open but gyms and small businesses are closed, it should be obvious to anyone with a shred of common sense that this "public health crisis" is not about the virus. We'll explore contradictions, theories and ideas, exposing who benefits from the pandemic and why.

why we do it

Anti-Maskers is Yours!

Our team will add data and content as we come across it. We'll also be sharing our experiences and interviewing people close to this issue that are in the medical and legal professions.

But, we want your voice to be represented here.

Please share your experiences, your sources, or anything you think we should publish here.